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What is The Best Decorators Caulk?

What is The Best Decorators Caulk?

So you're choosing what product to use to get rid of cracks or gaps. There are numerous products currently available and they all claim to be the best. We have devised a guide to help you choose the best product for your next decorating project or commercial job.

A decorators caulk is a usually an acrylic based sealant and filler that is used prior to painting between internal door frames, window frames, skirting board or general cracks. It replaces the use of conventional filler.

Budget Product
If you are working to a tight budget we would recommend Soudal Trade Decorators Caulk. A great all round product with fantastic flexibility however a longer cure time.

Quick Dry
Need something that drys quickly? In this scenario Everbuild 125 One Hour Decorators Caulk ticks the box. Great for when time is of the essence. Also a mid range product.

The Professionals Choice
Want the ultimate quality finish? No unsightly cracks? X PRO FLEX PLUS+ Decorators Caulk is our go to product for those looking to get a perfect finish. Superior flexibility to prevent cracking with a fast drying time!