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Your Guide to the Best Silicone for uPVC Windows?

Your Guide to the Best Silicone for uPVC Windows?

When it comes to choosing the right window frame and glazing sealant, the market offers a wide array of options. But how can you determine which one suits your windows best?

The primary goal of sealants is to protect your property from moisture. Given that window frames often experience slight movements due to temperature variations, it's essential to choose a sealant that offers flexibility.

In this guide, we explore some of the finest sealant options for external UPVC windows, shedding light on the materials these sealants complement and perform well with.

Key Factors to Consider When Selecting Window Frame Sealants

Several factors warrant consideration when narrowing down your choices for window frame sealants.

Material Compatibility: The material of your window frame plays a crucial role in sealant selection. Some sealants adhere better to specific materials than others.

Interior vs. Exterior Use: Distinguish between sealants designed for interior and exterior use. External frames, especially, require weather-resistant sealants.

Flexibility for Frame Movement: Account for frame movement resulting from expansion and contraction. Opting for a sealant suited to high-movement or expansion joints is prudent for long-term benefits.

Our Top 5 Sealant Options for uPVC Windows

 XPRO LMN Pro 2000: This premium grade, low modulus sealant is compatible with a wide range of surfaces, including UPVC, wood, glass, and aluminium. It provides a seamless and secure seal, making it ideal for professionals handling window sealing projects.

 Arbosil LMS: Highly recommended for sealing brickwork joints and UPVC window joints, Arbosil LMs forms an elastic silicone rubber barrier upon exposure to moisture. Ideal for sealing brickwork joints, UPVC windows, translucent roof joints, and general glazing.


Everbuild 825 LM: This low-modulus, neutral cure, odourless silicone window frame sealant is suitable for both internal and external use. It adheres effectively to UPVC, wood, powder-coated aluminium, glass, and even soft metals like copper. Available in various colors, it offers exceptional weather sealing and versatility.


Soudal Silirub LMN: A low-modulus silicone-based sealant, suitable for most frame types. It boasts UV resistance, ease of application, and strong adhesion to UPVC, wood, metals, glass, and more. Highly flexible, it's an excellent choice for high-movement joints.


Bond it WP100: Is a cost-effective low modulus product that is great value for money. It offers strong adhesion to most materials and suitable for a wide range of construction applications.


Selecting the right sealant for your UPVC windows involves considering material compatibility, application location, and flexibility to accommodate frame movement. Each of these top sealant options offers unique benefits, ensuring long-lasting protection for your windows

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