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Which is the best Sealant & Adhesive- CT1, OB1, EB25?

Which is the best Sealant & Adhesive- CT1, OB1, EB25?

MS Polymers also known as Hybrid Polymers, have grown in popularity due to their 'one product does it all' approach. The most popular products include, CT1, Stixall, FixAll, OB1, StixSeal.

But the question is which is the best?

This depends on the application. However an all-rounder product with value for money is StixSeal.

These products are best for their Adhesive bonding strength. However one consideration is budget. 

Yes, they are very versatile and can do a lot more than most conventional silicone or acrylic based sealants. They have been developed as the next generation sealant & adhesive. They really shine when used as a adhesive due to their superior adhesion  they can adhere to most substrates without the need for specific primers.

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