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What sealant to use for windows?

What sealant to use for windows?

As with any application selecting the perfect product can depend on a range of variables. 

The same is with choosing the appropriate sealant to apply on windows and most types of glazing applications.

It can be confusing to narrow down your selections as we have become overwhelmed with manufacturers trying to offer us different types of sealants that all claim to be the 'best'. Here is a breakdown for the the properties that you should look out for when selecting the right product to suit your needs and also your budget. 

Windows are subjected to varying weather conditions such as high winds. Therefore it is crucial you use a sealant that has a high flexibility to be able to absorb the movement that may occur, this is usually known as a LOW MODULUS silicone.

Most 'cheaper' sealants will most likely be LOW MODULUS Acetoxy (LMA) silicone. This sealant has a higher flexibility however is Acetoxy based which can react with the PVC causing the sealant to fail further down the line.

We would recommend using a  LOW MODULUS Neutral (LMN) silicone. This is a superior quality silicone that has high flexibility and does not react with uPVC and offers better adhesion. Our best selling LMN silicone is XPRO LMN Pro 2000 which excels in bost performance and value for money!

Our second recommendation would be SOUDAL'S SILIRUB LMN. Which is available in a range of colours to match your application!

Alternatively see our complete range of WINDOW & GLAZING sealants to find the most suitable one for you!

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